2022 Development Programs

Summer Development Programs

We welcome everyone to enroll in our program @ Mohawk 4 Pad Arena this Summer, all summer development programs are open to all male and female players from all organizations and levels, bring a friend, neighbor, old teammate, new teammate, we look forward to working with all of you this summer.

https://forms.gle/efvWwTFNe7grmcYw9 – The Hamilton Kilty B’s Summer Program 2022 Skills/Drills & Small Area Games (U6/U7/U8)
https://forms.gle/efvWwTFNe7grmcYw9 – The Hamilton Kilty B’s Summer Program 2022 Skills/Drills & Scrimmages (U9/U10/U11)
https://forms.gle/u4P14FwUF6CBPYwB9 – The Hamilton Kilty B’s Summer Program 2022 Defence Camp in August (U10-U15)
https://forms.gle/Ristjs3tKuTKHo8x9 – The Hamilton Kilty B’s Summer Program 2022  Bump, Grind & Shoot Camp in August (U10-U14)